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God created man in his own image: a man and a woman.

God blessed them and said: "Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth, and rule over it" (Genesis 1:27-28)


God is the source of all things, and life is a gift of God's love that begins at the moment of conception. God's gift of procreation to man makes it possible for the couple to cooperate with his love in order to perpetuate human life. In the love of God, all people in the world are unique; people of any race, color, character, disease, or disability are children of God’s love and have their own unique mission in life, which God bestows on the family and the world nice gift.


The "Love at the Beginning of Man" exhibition begins with a wedding. God blesses the love between the couple, and then starts with the life brought about by "love", and starts the journey of a new life according to God's plan of love. Supplemented with interesting medical and scientific knowledge, the exhibition shows the mysterious process of life from the moment of conception to leaving the mother's body, as well as the mental journey of parents who conceive and grow their babies.


We hope that in the exhibition, everyone can experience the mystery of life, think about the root of love, appreciate the beauty of life, so as to feel the kindness bestowed by the Creator, how it is manifested in our lives, and discover how noble and sacred the lives of ourselves and others are.


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