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​ Loan introduction and application documents for tour exhibition

​ tour exhibition introduction and borrowing rules:

​ Tour application file download:

​Exhibition Information

Application Notes
Application procedure

1. For school/group applicants, please call 28921139 to make an appointment with the association during office hours (Monday to Friday, 9:30 am to 1 pm; 2:15 pm to 6 pm), and then within three working days Email ( or fax (28921479) the completed application form to the Macao Diocesan Life Committee. If the applicant fails to submit the application form on time, the appointment application will be automatically cancelled.

2. All schools/organizations applying for the loan service of the road show must submit the application form at least three months before the planned loan date.

All applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

3. The loan period of the touring exhibition is three weeks. If there are special circumstances, please make an appointment by phone.

4. After the application form is submitted, the Association will reply within one week, coordinate and arrange on-site inspection.

5. The applicant must sign the "Exhibit Borrowing Point Handover Document" when "receiving" the exhibits.

6. The applicant must sign the "Return and Cancellation Form" when "returning" the exhibits.

borrowing rules

1. Borrowers must properly place display panels to ensure that they are displayed in a safe environment during the exhibition. If the exhibition boards cause any injury or damage to any person/object during the exhibition arrangement and exhibition period, the Association will not be responsible for it.

2. If any damage or loss occurs to the exhibition boards or the rented items during the borrowing period, the borrowing school/organization must notify the Association immediately, and do not try to repair it by yourself. The association has the right to seek compensation from the borrowing school/organization, including re-production, repair and other related expenses.

3. The copyright of all contents of the exhibition (including display panels, exhibits, teaching resource files and teaching aids) belongs to the Life Committee of the Diocese of Macao. Without the consent of the Association, borrowing schools/organizations are not allowed to reproduce, duplicate or change the exhibition in any form content.

4. Borrowing schools/organizations are not allowed to charge any fees to viewers, or lend the contents of the exhibition to other schools/institutions without authorization.

5. The Association reserves the final decision on all applications.


1. For more information about the contents of the exhibition, please refer to "Route Exhibition Introduction and Borrowing Rules".

2. The association will install the display boards 1-2 working days before the exhibition, and dismantle the display boards the next day after the exhibition is completed.

3. The 4D master fetal model, the 4-week fetal model, and the 12-week fetal model are only used for teaching assistance.

4. Tour services (exhibition, transportation and installation) and accompanying items (site catalog + quizzes, small gifts, teaching resource files) are all free donations to support the ministry of the association. Donations should be made in the form of a crossed check payable to "Macau Diocesan Life Committee".

5. The borrower must abide by the government's epidemic prevention measures during the exhibition period. In case of an outbreak of the epidemic, the association will have a special person to contact the applicant with the time of the exhibition.

Personal Data (Privacy) Collection Statement

1. The personal data you provide in the form will only be used for processing the application.

2. You have the right to review and correct the personal data provided in the form when necessary.

3. If you want to check and correct the information provided in the form, please contact the association at 28921139.

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